In addition to the data reporting application which is the core product of Data Smart LLC, Application Express can also be used to create other applications.
All applications within a district’s workspace can share data and queries can be created to combine data into reports which provide additional useful information to understand the context of the student performance.

Here is a list of representative applications created by Data Smart LLC:

• Student Behavior Record
This application allows the teacher to rate each student on several behavioral characteristics at the end of a class period to form a history of performance which can then be analyzed and summarized.

• Skills Taught Record
This application extends the Student Behavior Record and allows the teacher to make a daily record of curriculum standard and specific skill taught, then add a performance rating for each student. Over time, the reports from this application show what standards and skills were taught and how each student performed. It provides an individual student report.

• Team Meeting Notes
This application has been used to record the collaborative team meeting notes for planning instruction and discussing the results of common assessments. This application has been used in a school district by teacher teams and allows the administrator to read the results of the team meetings if not in attendance. Results of one research study conducted by Dr. Johnson revealed that high performing schools, as measured by growth, also had a significant number of high-quality teacher team discussions and identified students for targeted intervention.

• Individual Student Reports
This application combines all data in the data system such as EOG, EOc Pre-ACT and benchmark scores, including individual item level performance into one report so that students can see and “own” their performance and develop action plans for improvement.