Data Storage

All data is stored in a dedicated Oracle 12c database within a workspace specifically configured to meet the storage size needs of the school district. The database server bank is located in Lenoir, North Carolina and is hosted by one of the top three Oracle Enterprise hosting companies in the USA.

The storage volume is essentially unlimited, so that the district will never “exceed storage limits”.

One significant feature of Application Express is that is a part of the Oracle database, so there are no third-party data connectors between the database and the reporting application. However, if the school district wishes to connect to the database using third-party desktop reporting tools, this is easily accomplished.

An advantage of using Application Express as an application development and reporting tools is that many applications, such as a collaborative team meeting notes application can be build and it will integrate with the other applications in the database. An example is an application for recording daily student classroom performance. The data collected from this application can be integrated with student test scores in that application or the main data reporting application.

Introduction to databases