Mid-Year Data Review

The first semester End-of-Course and NCFE testing are probably completed in your schools and you your team is busy examining the scores and thinking about what can be done to improve student performance for the end of year testing. 
Here are five  tasks I assist my clients with to improve student outcomes :

Match your EVAAS predicted score to the EOC score and estimate growth, so you know who your strong teachers are and who may need support.

Match your EOC scores with benchmark scores, including sub-scores and determine the strength of the relationship between the sets of scores. Ask: Are the benchmarks “predictive” of the EOC performance? What sub-scores on the benchmark are more predictive?

Create a predictive statistical model, which includes benchmark scores, in the data set to identify students who may need support in the upcoming semester. 

If the assessments have a high relationship with the EOC, keep the assessmants secure. If the assessment scores  are not well correlated to the EOC score then tweak the assessment, using item analysis to identify those “weak” items. 

Share the information with teachers.       

Contact me if you would like more information about what we do with student data or wish to discuss how Data Smart LLC can improve student data management and student achievement.

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