Ready for EOC Testing?

Throughout North Carolina, high school students will be taking first semester EOC assessments? Are your students ready? Did you provide teachers with the data they need to identify students who are at risk for not scoring a level 3 or higher?
Some school districts have provided EOC and English 1 teachers with data which includes:

  • each student’s previous scores and sub-scores,
  • previous growth information,
  • EVAAS projections and projected levels, and most importantly
  • benchmark scores with sub-scores

In a data mart, teachers can log into the system and see their class data and manipulate the data, just like it was in a spreadsheet. Forward-thinking districts have put all of this information in one file and provided analytics to identify at-risk students.  The approach to data reporting allows school administrators and curriculum leaders to readily analyze benchmark data and saves teachers precious time, shifting the attention to analysis and action, from compiling the data. 

If you have investigated data systems to provide this data to school administrators and TEACHERS and found the cost to be prohibitive, consider a data delivery and analysis system by Data Smart LLC in Greensboro, NC. A basic cloud-based hosted data mart is available for about $1,500 annually.

Contact Dr. Lewis  Johnson if you would like more information and an initial free consultation about your vision of a data system to meet your specific needs.          

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