In the How School Leaders Can Support and Use Data to Improve Teaching and Learning by Chrys Dougherty, an ACT publication. Dr. Dougherty notes that an essential aspect of the using data is to CREATE the INFRASTRUCTURE FOR DATA USE, which includes creating “an electronic data system that is readily accessible to teachers and school leaders.”

The Reporting Tool
Application Express is a database application development tool which creates web pages with static content for explanation and instructions, data tables, and graphs and charts for reporting the information.

The tables are created in a familiar Excel-like look, with column filtering and sorting, along with record filtering to limit the results of a report. the entire report is customizable by the user.

Visit the Demo Site and see the reporting system in action.

Charts and Graphs
Application Express integrates with a charting and graphing tool to provide interactive drill-down graphics to help the user immediately get a picture of the data and to aid in see “the big picture”.  To see a gallery of chart types visit Anychart

If you would like more information on Application Express, please visit this Oracle link

Data security is provided by each user having an individual login to the system which limits the user to “see” data the user has legal access to, such as a principal sees student growth by teacher, but a counselor sees only individual student growth.

For more information go to the resources page and click on Data Mart Information.