Mid-Year Data Tasks

As you complete the mid-year testing in your district here are some “think abouts”:

You could –

  • Join a table or EVAAS Projected percentiles converted to NCE scores with the percentile scores (converted to NCE) and compute the difference to report growth.
  • Join the above growth file with Check-In scores in Math 1 and identify possible skill weaknesses of students and their corresponding teachers.
  • Create a file for each spring semester EOC teacher with each student’s previous test scores, and growth performance which will save them countless hours of looking up these students in EVAAS.
  • Create a file with previous student scores and join the Check-In test 1 with the Check-in test 2 so that teachers can get a good picture of student overall performance and identify students who are at-risk.    

All of this data work can be done manually using MS Access, but then sharing the data still could mean creating and sending exports.

Instead, with a data system hosted by Data Smart LLC in Greensboro, NC all that is required is uploading a few files from Winscan and the work is done for you.

Distribution is handled by secure logins by your administrators and they have access to summary reports, analysis reports, and teacher class rosters.      

If you are interested in hearing more, please contact me by email to schedule a no-cost initial consultation and demonstration of the system.   

Dr. Lewis Johnson
Data Analysis
Data Smart LLC