Teachers Need Feedback

The first semester End-of-Course and NCFE testing are probably completed in your schools and you your team is busy examining the scores and thinking about what can be done to improve student performance for the end of year testing. Teachers need to know how they performed and what changes need to be made to improve their instruction.

Here are five tasks I assist my clients with to improve student outcomes:

  1. Match your EVAAS predicted score to the EOC score and estimate growth, so you know who your strong teachers are and who may need support. These scores are in the form of projected percentile rank scores. For individual students, you can just compare the differences between the achieved percentile rank and the EVAAS projected percentile rank. Be warned, however, that a 5 percentile rank difference near the mean is interpreted differently than at the extremes of the scale. Furthermore, if you want to aggregate the data into a class unit, you will need to convert the percentile rank scores into Normal Curve Equivalent (NCE) scores.
  2. Print the Teacher Goal Summary reports so that the teachers can see how the class did on the curriculum areas. Better yet, export the WinScan file with the sub-scores and other test data and examine the disaggregated averages sub-score data by achievement levels and subgroups. 
  3. Match your EOC scores with benchmark scores, including sub-scores and determine the strength of the relationship between the sets of scores. Ask: Are the benchmarks “predictive” of the EOC performance? What sub-scores on the benchmark are more predictive? 
  4. Create a predictive statistical model using regression analysis, which includes benchmark scores, in the dataset to identify students who may need support in the upcoming semester. 
  5. Most importantly, share the information with teachers, and provide training so that they understand the information.       

Contact me if you would like more information about what we do with student data or wish to discuss how Data Smart LLC can improve student data management and student achievement.