Data Smart LLC is focused on making data accessible through school data systems and information through school data analysis.

Data Smart LLC is a consulting and services business to provide both long-term and short-term and focused assistance with school data-related projects.

We are located and experienced in North Carolina, making us well suited to serve NC schools and districts.

Using a needs analysis for your school district, Data Smart designs a customized school data system to securely store your data, provides role-based access, uploads data, and reports it so that school personnel can do all sorts of analysis.

Schools continue to face challenges due to changes in Curriculum, Testing and Assessment, Professional staffing, and Financial resources. We work with these challenges and understand them to provide the highest return on investment.

Using data is recognized as a means of maximizing student outcomes and helping administrators and teachers work smarter, not harder to meet the challenges. We have designed and implemented data analysis projects which have significantly improved student outcomes.

The expertise and resources offered by Data Smart can assist the school district to meet these demands without the high cost of permanent employees while building the in-house expertise of the existing staff.

Contact us for a no-cost initial discussion of your training needs or project requirements.

Our Vision

Administrators and teachers working as a team examining student performance data, asking the right questions, drawing meaningful conclusions, and creating an informed course of action.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide training, support services and applications related to data use in school districts to optimize student performance. Through the identification of the information to gather, assistance in organizing the information, and delivering the information to decision-makers, data-driven decisions becomes a reality.

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